Children of the kingdom

The queen of England is sovereign over the whole country, all that she see’s is hers, this is her kingdom. She can take and give as she see’s fit. This is a position of power and authority that demands a certain amount of respect and honor and possibly even some glory. The queen also represents her kingdom in various duties and actions. Her children, heirs to the throne, have access to the whole kingdom. They can go where they please, do what they chose, access the resources, the finances and have a limited portion of the power and authority as representatives of the kingdom.

God is the creator of heaven and earth and all that is in them. He is sovereign over all that He see’s and has made, including satan and the demons. He is the ultimate power and authority over all things, because His kingdom is on earth as it is in heaven, because creation and all it contains is his creation and was made by Him and for Him.

As a child of God we are called the sons of God, heirs to the kingdom, priests and kings. As sons and daughters of the king, we have access to His kingdom, we can go where ever we want and do what ever we chose (although some choices may not be beneficial). We have access to the resources and have a limited( or maybe restricted)portion of authority and power. With this authority we are able to tear down strong holds, bring healing and restoration, and take back areas of the kingdom that have been lost to the enemy.

As a child of the living God, we need to realise that the kingdom is always under attack in some form from some enemy. On earth, we are here to bring Him glory, honor and praise. This is done by taking back ground that has been lost, restoring the captives to His kingdom, bringing healing and restoration. We are to be a light in the darkness, a beacon on the hill, maybe this means getting involved in social issues, informing the world of Gods standards. When someone is set free from captivity, they rejoice. When someone is set free from pain, they rejoice. When someone is freed from disease they rejoice. When you rejoice, you give thanks, you extol, praise and honor they whom that have set you free, it’s only natural. God does this and we bring Him the praise and honor and glory.

In a battle you need to be prepared, you need weapons and you must never go alone. Preparation is understanding of problem, numbers, abilities and tactics or strategy required. Weapons are those things that will aid you to overcome the enemy, such as the Armour of God, the weapon of prayer, the sword of the word, fasting, praising and rejoicing, trust and faith (think Jericho). Prayer helps you to find Gods strategy (which always wins) and apply it successfully.

As Christians we need to be moving in our God given authority and power, we need to be spending time in the word and applying the sword as required. We need to be wearing the armor of God. Everywhere we go we should represent His kingdom by our words, actions and behaviors. It’s time to arise and be the people of God that He has designed us to be and to start taking back the ground and advancing beyond that to expand the kingdom of our God. Awake oh sleepers and arise and come along.

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