Letters to Pastor Bob, on Homosexuality

Hi Pastor Bob,

Hope you are well.

It seems that you might be moving toward a more liberal view point on this subject and have adopted the newest trend on assuming that marriage is not what the bible means, between a man and a women. It seems that you have adopted the theory that what the bible is talking about is two people in a steady relationship, whether married or not. I think I take issue with that, for the following reasons.

The bible specifies a man should leave his family and cleave to his wife. These are distinct terms that denote male and female, not persons, which keeps the context of marriage in its right place and form, between a man and a women. I’m sure that you realise that it is a reflection of the Bride of Christ and our marriage(The Church, that is) to Christ, which would be distinctly weird if it was a homosexual relationship. This begins to contort scripture and make scripture meet the context of the world, as opposed to what we should be doing helping the world to fit into the context of scripture. (does it mean you are adding and taking away from scripture???)

As God is holy, pure and righteous, if He were to allow a relationship contrary to His character, laws and precepts to exist with Him, (other than the subject matter, maybe a witch or a mystic a rebellious child) He would be defiled. This would mean that He wasn’t very holy at all, in which case He would be like us, no god at all and The Church would no longer be the ekklesia. I think because God is Holy and righteous, that the sins of Sodom and Gamorrah demanded that because they were so contrary to Gods precepts and laws that He Judged them accordingly.

The Church has had a poor record with homosexuality on many fronts, yet should not recant its biblical position (historical and biblical) on it. Do homosexuals deserve love, for sure. Do they deserve respect, certainly. Do they need the same grace and mercy that God extended to us whilst we enemies of God? Absolutely. Does God extend this love, grace and mercy to them? Yes, just look to the cross. Remembering that there are only two people groups in the world, the wicked and the justified.

The cross changes everything. It brings the purity of Gods love. It extends the grace and mercy of that love, to bring transformation and renewal (the old passes away and all things are made new(including our character, behaviour and attitudes) do you remember those scriptures?). The cross reveals God’s holiness and reveals His forgiveness for all the wrong things we have done, you know, those things contrary to His precepts and ways.

When we see and understand (even if in part) the purity Of Gods love, we will desire to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord (2 Chron 26:4-5 if your not sure) and allow God to transform us into the image of His son, who is holy, pure and righteous. This transformation through surrender will surely purge the need to find “love” in a same sex relationship. The empty need within, that is often filled by same sex relationships, will be filled with the transforming love and presence of the almighty creator God, which fills all in all. The Love of God is so amazing that it heals, restores, renews and makes you whole and complete in Christ, such that you never will have the need for impure defiled “love” again (it’s kinda like a time lapse though, not always straight away, thus we must persist in faith that it will). As you grow into Gods love, you begin to see the perfection of Gods way and the benefits to you and your life (bit like parenting really), you begin to change the way you think, act and behave, you begin to be more Christ like.

If you think this sounds like the gospel, well that’s because it is. This is where the church falls short in her duties. If we proclaim the gospel, Gods love, grace and mercy. Living in the strength and power of the holy spirit (who can live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit??(who by the way only dwells within those who are made righteous through the blood of the lamb)), Gods righteous judgement (ah, remember Sodom and Gamorrah). If we extend the hand of mercy, with empathy and truth(that’s Gods biblical truth by the way, not some contorted trendy view) to homosexuals, then they will begin to see that their way is not Gods way and that their way will incur His wrath and righteous judgements. If we proclaim Gods love and mercy along side of this, perhaps they will see that Gods way is better and turn from their wicked ways and be saved and made whole. This we should do and continue to do whilst today is still called today and not harden our hearts toward them or give in to their whims against biblical doctrines and truths (it’s important for us to remain in biblical truth). Regardless if they are hard hearted toward us, we must continue with the truth of the gospel, by which many will be saved and redeemed from Gods impending judgements.

Anyways, just some brief thoughts I have on the subject.

As Always, Always seeking Him.

Your servant in Christ.

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