Leadership in The Church

Most leaders want to be recognised for their skills and abilities and the wonderful work they are doing. This has a tendency to remove the focus from Jesus and the Gospel onto the leaders somewhat arbitrary self importance. Regardless of how many people give themselves to Christ in your church, God is the one who has been working on them from the get go. Christ is the one who has been calling them, whilst the Holy Spirit convicts and challenges their choices and life style. Many people have had an input along the way and the final response generally has nothing to do with what you just said, just did or the prayer you give afterwards. The response is the result of the overwhelming burden of sin that Christ has been convicting them of and the understanding of the eternal separation from God that it brings. The response is because of an understanding of the freedom that Christ will give them in response to confession and repentance and the lightness of Christ’s yoke that will enable them to live better more fulfilling lives in Christ, that is the hope of the gospel of good news.

The leader is a shepherd of the flock, the one who must guide their children in the way everlasting, that they might not turn from it. The one who must, at all costs, protect and defend his sheep from the evil that would easily entangle them. The leader is the one who must either directly disciple or have a discipleship team that is up to speed with training, teaching, encouraging exhorting and leading the new disciple along the narrow path, the way everlasting.

Leadership is not as important as we think it is and is by no means a substitute for a relationship with the triune God and your congregational members.

If as a leader you constantly find yourself in the business of “running” a church and doing all that that entails, maybe it’s time to review your calling, purpose or the vision, to remind yourself what God called you to do and get off the merry go round and get back to God.

In the presence of God is where you will find your peace, your joy and your hope, where you will find your rest and your comfort, where you will be healed, transformed and renewed.

Don’t wait till tomorrow, for it may never come, rather take action now and humble yourself and return to the Lord our God and seek Him with all of your heart mind and strength.

Published by Dickon Harding

Mad keen surfer, fly model aero planes and generally try to live life well and with compassion for others.

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