Letter To Pastor Bob

Dear Pastor Bob,

It is understandable in this day and age of the mega church that you would feel under much pressure. This pressure must be to draw crowds, increase numbers and get more revenue so that you can draw more crowds and increase numbers…..I’m sure you get the picture.

Did you know that the mega church use a formula to achieve their mega-ness (don’t think that’s a real word, sure you understand though). They go out into the community, pole all the things that people don’t like about church, all those real truths the bible teaches and the stark realities of a life without Christ. Then they build what they call a “church” (using that term quite loosely now) and pamper to the requirements of the people by removing all the things they don’t like. They try to “create” something that draws people in under the pretence that if they simple believe (in whatever they tell them to) they will be saved (but not from what).

Worldly carnal techniques have been used and worldly carnal people have poured in to be led, by worldly carnal leaders. It is an evil and awful thing to do and salvation is far from these people and the leaders will surely be accountable to God.

Paul has something to say about this, he says that if we or an angel should preach a different gospel from what has been preached, let him be accursed. He was quite passionate about this as he says that last bit twice.

The bible says the Gospel of Jesus is the power of God unto salvation, simply put, preach the gospel and the lost will be saved. That being the case, your church should fill up with all sorts of people giving their lives to Christ as you preach the gospel.

People actually want the way of truth that brings life, which Jesus is, remember He is the way the truth and the life.

If you preach a watered down gospel to not offend people, this is in fact “another gospel” and you may as well go the mega church route. The other option is to preach the gospel as it is revealed in the bible, you know, Jesus and Him crucified, the cross, the risen Lord, the hope of glory, salvation through faith by grace alone, eternity with Jesus in heaven of eternity without Jesus in Hell.

I have been to a few churches over the years and have yet to hear anything about the gospel like I read in Gods word, the bible. Perhaps you could start a new trend and actually preach the gospel in the power of God so the lost are saved. Remember that actually is your job,(one among many, like being a shepherd to the sheep. Isn’t that role to protect from the evil one?) not trying to be a CEO of a monstrous evil conglomerate that might pass as a church. Somewhere in the Old Testament (I think) it states (somewhat paraphrased, I’m afraid) that if someone dies because you didn’t do the right thing, their blood is on your hands, that is a terrifying thought, don’t you think.

Anyway I’m sure you know all this stuff, after all you have a theological degree and a doctorate of somesort, so I’ll leave my reminder with you.

As always, always seeking Him.

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