Letters to Pastor Bob

Hi Pastor Bob,

It’s me again. Glad to see that you are giving us something to pray about as you disseminate your points on prayer. It is good to see such an example set, Jesus always seemed to be praying and somewhere mentioned that His house is (that’s present tense, so still is) a house of prayer. I understand that prayer must precede anything that we do and we should do it fervently as we bring our petitions and supplications before God.

I haven’t seen you in the prayer group of late though, I hope you are not to tired or worn out. Prayer is a good place to gain strength, vision, wisdom and understanding from God. In fact it’s almost a place of rest, being in the presence of God. It has also been a long time since we saw any offering of things to pray for. It is hard to pray when you are not sure what to pray for. We can always pray rather generically, which we do. I’m sure God wants us to ask for specific things that coincide with His will and purposes so that we can see His works being achieved in our lives and the lives of others and the salvation of the lost.

Prayer is such a powerful tool, with which we can tear down strongholds, we can over come enemies, we can see God act, it’s all quite glorious really, I’m not sure why we are not more into it, it makes no sense, any way I continue to pray at home.

Its been a long time now and I have not seen you in the prayer group or received instruction on what to pray for. I know in a busy schedule it is hard to include others, prayer though should not be neglected from the corporate body of Christ. I hope your own personal prayer life is not being reflected in the lack of your appearance in the corporate prayer life of the church.

Prayer seeems to empower and strengthen our faith such that we might not stumble or fall away. It also seems to be the place where we receive all sorts of things from God, such as, insight, wisdom, vision, discernment and understand, all of which are good and valid things.

In prayer though, my relationship with Christ seems to improve and I seem to draw nearer to God, which is quite important I understand. I feel more at peace than when I don’t pray and feel much more comforted about the difficulties this life. I have seen some amazing answers to prayer and had amazing times in the presence of God. All these things continue to draw me back to my knees that I may seek the God of heaven and earth.

I hope that your prayer life is similar and that you are not neglecting it to much. We can do so little without prayer that I continue to wonder why we don’t pray more, something to consider perhaps.

anyway, as always, always seeking Him.

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