Letters to Pastor Bob

Hi Pastor Bob,

I saw you talking to many people after the service and they seem to engage in the conversation quite heartily and with great mirth and humour. It is a good thing that people engage with you like that, it must be quite a heady experience.

There are however a whole group of people that are somewhat concerned about the present state of the church, which I note are those who are mature in Christ and have been here a long time. This group seem to be trying to bring a message to the church which is constantly being shut down and ignored. Personally I can’t think of a better way to annoy the congregation but perhaps there is madness in the method.

In the reading of my bible I see that God (in His amazing grace( hey you could write a song with that line in)) was continually sending prophets and judges to Israel to bring them back on course. Now I’m no theologian so maybe we do or we don’t have prophets these days. Regardless of the fact if everyone is bringing the same message, it might well be worth paying attention to, maybe God is trying to say something to us, God does speak to us in many ways.

We are all trying to work for the Kingdom here (well I assume we are, however I’m sure you know what ASSUME stands for) and that Kingdom is the Kingdom of the God of Heaven and earth, creator of the universe, you know the one we meet in Genesis one, that has existed eternally and stands outside of His creation, yet by His power(and mercy and grace to be sure) maintains it all.

If God is trying to tell us something it might be because we have confused ourselves between kingdoms. Quite often over time we get confused whose kingdom we are working for and in fact begin to create our own little empire. The next step from here of course is idolatry of ourselves and what we’ve done(which is really God’s doing anyway, so you may as well give Him the glory), then we begin to micro manage everything and become a bit of a control freak and wear ourselves out, pretty dam quick to (see my previous letter).

Of course this is no good for ourselves, our family or the church(maybe I should have put that first) and we need to pay heed to what or whom God is sending our way.


God as you know(well I hope you do) is gracious and merciful and really desires you to do well, yet if you continue to ignore Him, I cant imagine a good result at the end of the day.

I would suggest a quick review of who your working for, your purpose and calling and see what the good old book(you know the bible) has to say about submitting to God and humbling yourself(always painful I know) and what taking up your cross really means.

Anyway as always, Always Seeking Him.

Your humble servant

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