The essence of church, leadership.

A church should be led by a leader who sits and rests in the presence of God. One who discerns the vision and calling of God for that church. A leader that is attuned to God in such a way that they are secure of their salvation, have knowledge of their inheritance and walk closely with their God. 

This leader is one who is courageous and bold, who is ready to cross the Jordan and walk through the Red Sea, who lives in the power, strength and fire of the Spirit of God. The cross is this leaders focus and joy and all is done to glorify, honour and praise the risen Lord.

This leader knows that mistakes will be made as the church pursues God and fears not, because they understand the greatness of God and that all things work together for good for those that love God. 

Due to the leader resting in the presence of God, they understand the need to develop leadership in individuals and teams, because they know they can’t do it all and nor should they try. They realise one man does not have the ability or strength to carry such a burden (just ask Moses). What this allows is the leader to lead out of their strengths and allow others to lead out of their strengths, which is a sharing of the burden. Time for the leader is now released to spend in the presence of God focusing on their calling and the direction God is calling the church to go in.

When teams and individuals are formed as leaders, the church leader no longer needs to be involved in every little thing (no more micro manging) and because they are secure in their position with God, they no longer feel the need to control everything and everyone (removing the idolatry of self worship).

This leader has an overview all things, but is not necessarily involved in all things, allowing them to keep the whole church moving in the direction that God calls the church to go in. 

Instinctively people are drawn to this leader because they can see the anointing of wisdom upon them. The fruit of the Spirit is evidence of this leadership and people will see this and be drawn to it as they see that the pursuit of this leaders heart is for God and His kingdom.

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