The essence of church, the congregation.

Instinctively people are drawn to a leader when they can see the anointing of wisdom(amongst other things I’m sure)upon them. The leadership is judged (rightly or wrongly) by the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit and this is what people will be drawn to, as they see the pursuit of this leaders heart is for God and His kingdom.

In turn members will volunteer their abilities (usually with encouragement, support, guidance and leadership). 

When people see a need that they can fulfil and offer to do so, they should most certainly be encouraged to get involved. Where leadership sees a need and can match it to a persons abilities (which means they should be looking at needs and abilities) they should connect the dots for them (bearing in mind it may not always come to pass).

When people volunteer their skills or even just offer a desire to help, the beginning of a community occurs. Community is where each supports the other, loves the other, shares and helps the other, where grace, forgiveness and mercy is shown (because Jesus showed grace mercy and forgiveness and helps us in our weakness). It is a commitment to help one another to grow, as Christ is committed to help us grow (to grow into His image and become Holy because He is Holy, ie sanctification).

With age, should come wisdom from experience and often does, yet age also comes a bit disconnected from youth. However wisdom must be passed onto youth(not just youth in age but youth in our walk with Christ) in humility, such that youth can understand the concept of biblical principles. Youth should then be allowed to apply such learnings into their own context and in such a way that applies to their people. This is now exciting, because both ends of the ages are connected, youth is learning biblical stuff and age is learning and understanding youth, thus both are in harmony. When this is applied and functions well and is done in love, with encouragement and support, community within the church is created, this creates a certain amount of unity and thus peace, which allows love to flourish.

What happens next is that people start living their lives in front of the community in which the church is located. The local community start to see the unity and love and this gets even more exciting. What happens now is people begin to see all this going on, it starts to draw them into the church community (not necessarily the church building) and they begin to see the love of Christ shed abroad. This stirs, challenges and convicts them, causing questions to be asked and as the Spirit leads answers are given and salvation occurs, because this is church being The Church.

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