The fire and the passion.

I feel that mans relationship with fire is a rather strange one. On the one hand we see fire as a necessity and on the other we fear its destructive potential. Through out history it has a revered place in mythology and appears in countless metaphors. It can be seen as a  moment of romance and we often use it descriptively to tell of the passion within us. It can be used as a purifier, as in the case of silver and gold, which must pass through the fire a number of times before it is considered pure. What happens in the case of purifying is that all the rubbish material is burnt off and only that which is actually silver or gold remains. Apparently the silver is considered pure when the silver smith can see their reflection in the metal.

When we have a passion within us, it usually starts with an idea or concept. Often the concept needs to pass through the fire to refine it, and to bring it fully into focus. When it is then we can tell people about it and begin to express our hearts desires. More than likely this will be met with people telling you to get a grip on yourself and that can’t you see all the problems ahead. Here, though, you must be filled with determination, because this is where you will pass through the fire of purification. This may be painful and hard, just hang in there knowing that your dream or calling will fill your life much more than just doing or not doing stuff.

When you are fully focused on your dream you can lean into your dream and begin to tell people how it will work out and what it will look like, you will be able to clearly express yourself and you will be filled with determination and passion. The fire within you will start to burn and drive you to dizzying heights of success. (Beware the destructive power that comes from pride, for no man achieves success without the help of others.)

If you have a dream, don’t let it go, light a fire of passion in it, that it may burn away the rubbish and give you clarity, focus and direction, let it consume you that you and your dream maybe pure. Speak out the picture of your dream, write it down and read it regularly. Think about it, dream it, be it and then start it, when you do then you truly will be you.

If your not sure what your dream is, or how to start your dream, don’t, what ever you do, abandon it. Your dream is the real you calling you to be the best you, you can be. Talk to friends, family, or get an independent view point, get a coach. What ever you do, grab a hold of your dream, run with it and become the best version of you, because that’s what God made you to be.

Published by Dickon Harding

Mad keen surfer, fly model aero planes and generally try to live life well and with compassion for others.

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